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Lifestyle Benefits

Where will you make it?


Here in Cheltenham we have everything onsite to get you through the working day. From free parking to a subsidised restaurant, we do what we can to help you save money, with a Deli sandwich bar and shop, where you’ll find snacks, sweets and even a dry cleaning service. We also encourage our people to be fit and healthy, providing a gym onsite with fantastic membership fees of just £1 per year! If you’re sporty but want to avoid that hefty fee, get together with some colleagues and have a game of football, netball or tennis – we have a full size football pitch and as well plenty of space for an impromptu game of rounders!

Find out more about working in Cheltenham and watch a video where our experts tell you what they think of Cheltenham and Endsleigh's facilities and culture. 

We frequently host charity events, quiz nights and events where we can all get together and be social. As you’d expect, we’re more than a little competitive and so may also be asked to take sides in departments tournaments!