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Where you could work

Where you could work

Wouldn’t it be easier to make more of yourself where your skills, knowledge and interests are put to best use?

You’ll feel at home with like-minded people, in the company of colleagues and experts you can work with and learn from, making the most of your potential but never getting too comfortable.

Because of the size and diversity of our business, we have opportunities that suit a wide range of skills, professions and interests.

And, wherever you join us, even if you’re not customer facing, you’ll need to have a clear customer focus.

Everyone here at Endsleigh, whether in IT or Finance, Insurance or People & Development (HR), Marketing and Business Development, has a role to play in shaping the products and services our Sales, Service & Claims teams deliver to our customers.

And as our customer numbers continue to grow, so too does our need for commercial, friendly, customer-focused professionals who can continue to deliver the high standards we’re known for.

And, of course, that growth makes for even more opportunities for experts.

Take a look around. Find where you fit in. Make the most of Endsleigh.