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Graduate & Apprenticeships

Graduates & Apprentices

Few characterise ‘Experts in the Making’ more than emerging talent. Expertly guided, motivated, supported and encouraged, you’ll go a long way. Maybe sideways, maybe straight ahead. The important thing at this stage is to keep those options open – to become expert in the area that interests you the most but without limiting your options.

We were once students ourselves, so we know what it’s like starting out. And because we have our roots in the student market, we’ve always attracted bright graduates to work with us. But it’s taken us a while to really get our heads around how we can give people like you the best start to your career. Now we think we’ve done exactly that.

Our Talent Development Programmes give formal structure to the pathways our emerging talent embark on, whether you're a graduate on the Graduate Development Programme, or a pupil on a Work Experience Programme. We also offer a structured Apprenticeship Programme.

But, as you’d expect with emerging talent development, this is only the beginning. What can we do for you?