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Jenny - Senior Team Manager, Sales

Daniel - Accounting Technician

  • What makes you, you?
  • I’m a Trainee Accounting Technician. I’ve got a Degree and Masters in Accounting and Finance from the University of Glamorgan; where I was elected as the President of the Students’ Union. I’m looking for a career that challenges me, gives me a wide exposure to different areas of finance, and gives me the opportunity to develop and become a qualified accountant. With the right experience and development, I want to become a commercial accountant before moving into a management role.
  • What makes Endsleigh a great place to make your career?
  • Because the role here provides diverse exposure to different functions, from basic accounting to a more in-depth analysis of aspects such as fixed assets. I felt that this was an amazing opportunity to develop my skills while also gaining a wide range of experiences within different areas of finance.

    The application process itself was also an excellent experience. It was the first time I’d been through a process like this and the experience has been invaluable. From the phone interview to the assessment centre, the process was handled professionally and provided challenging real life situations which really brought the best out in me and provided a valuable insight into the role I was hoping to go into.
  • What makes up your department?
  • The work we carry out in financial operations feeds in to financial reporting and the finance functions of the company’s market facing units. This means that the department is close knit and the exposure to different areas is something that really excites me. My role includes staff expenses, bank reconciliations, fixed assets, company vehicles and expenditure analysis reports. I have also been entrusted with the Freshers project, giving me a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to use and develop my skills in a pressured environment. The trust and responsibility given to you in relation to your work is something which makes you feel a real part of the team, and the organisation.
  • What makes the training and development for you?
  • The opportunities truly are endless. The graduate scheme has provided me with a detailed development plan throughout the year. The programme will ensure I become a well-rounded individual and that I get a good level of exposure to differing skills and environments. It provides a challenging schedule which is designed to take me out of my comfort zone and to ensure that I become the best I can be.

    The Endsleigh University provides more wide-ranging courses geared to personal and professional training and development. On top of this, there is an excellent opportunity for further professional development as the company offers study support to help you reach your designated qualifications. The opportunities are exactly what you make of them and Endsleigh provide the tools for you to succeed.
  • How would you describe the culture at Endsleigh?
  • There’s lots of variation. Firstly, there’s a hard working ethic but there’s also a very vibrant and friendly employee focused nature. There are numerous opportunities to get involved with others from across the business in everything from charity work to social events. The analogy of ‘Work hard play hard’ really holds true. Of course, there is also that culture of development where the company are really invested in providing the knowledge and experience to help individuals to realise their true potential.
  • What makes Endsleigh the best place for you?
  • First and foremost there is the responsibility and the diverse opportunities. This has reinforced my choice of career and the choice of organisation to begin my career.

    The people have also been fantastic in helping me to learn about my role, and they’re always on hand to offer help. Also, the people involved with the graduate scheme have been truly great. They have helped me to settle and the range of training and guidance they offer is second to none.

    Finally, the culture is something that I have really managed to take on board. The knowledge that I have the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally is something that I truly value, and something that I feel will really improve me as an individual.
  • What advice would you give to undergraduates looking for a place to make their career?
  • Find something that you feel you will really enjoy; a role that suits you. Find a company that will challenge you while also invest in you as an individual. Work hard and get involved in as much as you can to gain a greater level of experience. Be yourself, and enjoy it.