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Jenny - Senior Team Manager, Sales

Ben - Claims Handler

  • What makes you, you?
  • I like sports and I studied International Politics and Military History at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales. I like a challenge and that’s what I wanted from a career - something that keeps me engaged but at the same time something that supports me in my interests and hobbies. I also want a career that allows me to advance and develop through professional qualifications.
  • What makes Endsleigh a great place to start your career?
  • Because it fits the above description and the facilities available at head office didn’t hurt either. The job description was attractive offering a clear career path and the scheme looked like the perfect place to kick-start my career. Also the focus on work hard play hard really won me over.
  • What makes up Motor Claims?
  • Well my job involves dealing with new claims that come in from customers and investigating the ones that could potentially be fraudulent. Motor Claims has a big impact on customer retention so it’s important to deliver the best customer service possible to encourage the customer to renew with us. But at the same time it’s important that we don’t pay put any fraudulent claims, getting the balance between the two can be challenging but it’s definitely a rewarding job.
  • What makes the training and development for you?
  • It’s very comprehensive. You have to learn a lot in a short space of time but the information is delivered in interesting and memorable ways. You can expect to develop quickly with the Endsleigh University offering some very useful courses. I would encourage you to get on as many as you possibly can.  
  • Describe the culture at Endsleigh?
  • It’s work hard play hard! When you are in the office doing your job you are quickly given responsibility but just as quickly you will be invited on nights out or to football matches (watching and playing). The company also runs large social events such as open house in which the campus is literally turned into a funfair for the weekend and it’s free for friends and family to come and enjoy.
  • What makes Endsleigh the best place for you?
  • I would have to say the people I work with, the challenge of the role and of course the brilliant sports facilities on site.   
  • What advice would you give to undergraduates looking for a place to make their career?
  • It’s important that you make the right decision when choosing which company to start your career with. Not only does Endsleigh offer you a great first step but also equips you and prepares you for your future career. It quite literally is a mutually enriching experience - with a salary.