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Jenny - Senior Team Manager, Sales

Aled - Operations Graduate

  • What makes you, you?
  • I graduated from Cardiff University in 2011 with a Law Degree and completed my final year as the Law society football captain. I am a very ambitious individual who has never been afraid to roll up his sleeves and “get involved”. I have amassed a diverse catalogue of work experience, from labouring on a building site to coaching football in the US, you name it, and I’ve probably done it!
  • What makes Endsleigh a great place to start your career?
  • This may be a strange thing to say but Endsleigh care. From the start of the application process Endsleigh make it clear that they want you to work for them. Endsleigh make it a very personal and professional experience and are constantly in contact with you, making sure that you are always informed of any developments.

    Endsleigh are also not afraid of giving you real responsibility, they believe in challenging you. They do not hide you away in a corner once you have been given a role, they expose you to the leaders of the business and encourage you to learn and develop these crucial relationships.
  • What makes Operations?
  • It’s safe to say that the umbrella that is Operations captures a large area of any organisation. This is exciting because being a Graduate in this area of the business means I get exposure to different areas of the business. This exposure will require me to assume a number of different roles over a two year period. This will provide me with a fantastic understanding of the day to day workings of an organisation and what is required to create and maintain a successful organisation.
  • What makes the training and development side of the graduate scheme for you?
  • The training and development provided by Endsleigh is very comprehensive and begins on your first morning. Each graduate is provided with an individual development plan which sets out a training framework, however, it is also up to you as a graduate to identify any further training needs through the use of Endsleigh University development tool.

    We also have fortnightly meetings with our line manager and monthly meetings with our mentor which allows us to discuss further our training and development needs.

    I have also been extremely impressed with the delivery of training sessions, each session has been interesting and very interactive. We are also encouraged to provide feedback on each session.
  • Describe the culture at Endsleigh?
  • There is a very professional and hardworking culture which is based upon team work and trust. It is also a very friendly and relaxed environment which has a thriving social scene, the open house event being one of the highlights of the year.
  • What makes Endsleigh the best place for you?
  • Being given an opportunity to work for Endsleigh is about more than just getting a job. From the moment that I arrived on site for my assessment centre I was impressed. Endsleigh is situated on an incredible site, it has fantastic sporting facilities and a variety of eateries, these all combine to make coming into “work” not seem like such a bad idea.

    The people within Endsleigh also help to make this a great place to work. There is always someone on hand to offer encouragement or support. From day one Endsleigh surround you with a network of support to help facilitate a successful introduction into the business, but crucially, this is not thrust upon you, it allows you to grow as an individual and encourages you to become independent.
  • What advice would you give to undergraduates looking for a place to make their career?
  • Research and preparation are crucial. It’s essential that you understand the business before applying to work within it. What do they do? How do they do it? What sort of roles do they offer? What sort of training is available? Are there any opportunities for progression? This alone however is not enough, you must lay the foundations for your graduate applications early, get relevant work experience.

    It has become common knowledge now that the graduate market is a very crowded place, you must have things in the “locker” which you can use to show how and why you are different. Finally, your personality is an asset, applications and CV’s can only carry you so far, let them see the real you.