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Emma - Marketing Executive

Emma - Marketing Executive

  • What made you want to join Endsleigh?
  • I was looking for a job for my placement year for university and heard about the job through my careers office. Endsleigh appealed to me as they’re one of the top employers in the area and I also knew a few people who worked here, they all had great things to say about Endsleigh.
  • What makes you happiest in your job?
  • One of the best things about Endsleigh is the friendly working environment, the role itself is demanding with lots of responsibilities but I like to be kept busy and continuously challenged.
  • What makes someone successful at Endsleigh?
  • To be successful at Endsleigh you have to be motivated, enthusiastic, ambitious and hard working, being able to manage your time well is also important.
  • How have Endsleigh made you an expert?
  • Endsleigh have been great at supporting me throughout my career, with a wide range of training services available to help progression. Not only did they give me a placement opportunity, but also offered me a full time position at the end of my course.
  • How does your role make a difference at Endsleigh?
  • My role helps make a difference as I develop and implement effective marketing campaign plans and source advertising opportunities for our student products. My objective is to deliver the required level of engagement and sales growth in both enquiries and cases for the business.
  • What would you tell a candidate to make them consider joining Endsleigh?
  • Go for it - Endsleigh is a great place to work, with great people and excellent opportunities for career progression.