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Catherine - Claims Assistant, Claims

Catherine - Claims Assistant, Claims

  • What made you want to join Endsleigh?
  • My friend who works here told me about a position that was coming up. She advised me to have a look on the Endsleigh website and after looking through the colleague profiles of people who have excelled in their career here, I thought I’d apply!
  • What makes you happiest in your job?
  • Working with people that I get along with so well.
  • What makes someone successful at Endsleigh?
  • Going beyond what is expected of you in your job role; this could mean going out of your way to help a client or being confident to make decisions and think of new ideas that could benefit our processes or the company. These little things are noticed and supported, for example making tough decisions when I’m on the phone and processing customer claims.
  • How have Endsleigh made you an expert?
  • I implemented a project that enables us to cut the cost of outgoing post across the department and colleague behaviour for the better. My leaders have supported my work from the beginning and I was awarded the colleague A-lister prize for my hard work.
  • How does your role make a difference at Endsleigh?
  • I joined Endsleigh in an administrative role. I believe I made a difference in this role by suggesting and implementing a number of changes to the way the team worked. For example creating a formal process for paying invoices and filing post straight onto customer files to ensure they can be used the same day. This helped the department view post quicker, speeded up the claims process and in turn increased satisfaction of the client.
  • What would you tell a candidate to make them consider joining Endsleigh?
  • I would tell them that they need to apply as it’s a great place to work with exciting opportunities and rewards. My hard work and new ideas were recognised by the team and my leader and I have recently been promoted to a Claims Assistant.