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Becci - Insurance Consultant, Customer Service

Becci - Insurance Consultant, Customer Service

  • What made you want to join Endsleigh?
  • I knew quite a few people that worked here at the time. I had been working in retail previously and after finishing my A-levels I wanted to find a position which provided security and opportunity. I really got the impression through friends and the application process that this was not just a job – it was a real career opportunity and it became clear to me very early on that there was potential to develop my career within the company.
  • What makes you happiest in your job?
  • There is a combination of factors that make me happy in my job. The people are fantastic! There’s a real team effort and atmosphere within the work place – it’s not what people would expect of a “standard” call centre environment. The support you receive from both your colleagues and leaders is consistent and assuring. Also the wide variety the job itself brings - you never know who you’re going to be talking to and you get a real sense of satisfaction once you know you have provided great customer service and helped that customer to the best of your ability. There are always events/evenings and nights out to get involved in! Our value ‘work hard, play hard’ is definitely in practice!
  • What makes someone successful at Endsleigh?
  • I believe one of the biggest things is communication – being able to work within a team, having great verbal communication over the phone and with individuals on a day-to-day basis. I also believe you have to be motivated to always striving to be the best you can be within your field. Also to really make the most of opportunities provided on a weekly basis.
  • How have Endsleigh made you an expert?
  • Through the ongoing training. A very thorough training course is provided at the start; the best part is that it doesn’t stop there. Through 1:1s, coaching sessions, and meetings with your team leaders you are always assessing you’re current performance and how you can improve. This doesn’t just relate to sales performance but also knowledge of the products for example external organisations who underwrite our products come in to give training sessions on those specific products.
  • How does your role make a difference at Endsleigh?
  • My role includes selling and servicing policies which directly influences the profit and helps to build the Endsleigh brand as a result of the word being spread through the customer service we provide - you’ll be surprised how many Tweets and Facebook mentions we get! Being in Endsleigh now for 10 months my role also makes a difference to new colleagues within my department, getting involved and helping them become comfortable and feel welcomed into the department. As well as supporting their confidence in their new role.
  • What would you tell a candidate to make them consider joining Endsleigh?
  • Endsleigh provides so many different opportunities from charity events to helping out at university freshers events! There are always exciting things going on that you can get involved in. As I have previously mentioned the opportunities for progression within the company are a great benefit. There are so many positions, from sales to customer services, from validating policies to handling claims. With a well known name you feel proud to be working for Endsleigh.