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Our behaviours

We are leaders in the making

We believe that everyone, at every level of our business, has the potential to become a leader. So we inspire and empower everyone, wherever they are, to demonstrate and develop their leadership potential.

It’s an important element in taking on challenges and creating opportunities, learning more and instilling the confidence to drive us forward. And it reflects our give and take ethos, where you’ll be supported and encouraged to put more in to get more out.

So we’ve defined a set of the characteristics that we believe will lead our colleagues to success, not just in their current roles but also on their journey to becoming experts and then in to leadership. 

Act as a role model

  • Make promises you can keep, lead by example, treat people with respect, value everyone and demonstrate fairness.

Do the right thing

  • Make the complex clear, make good decisions, show direction, add value wherever you can and follow through.

Think customer

  • Make sure you know your customers, understand how your decisions impact on them, help others to understand the value of customer advocacy and be passionate about customer solutions.

Have real conversations

  • Make your voice heard, engage in debate, keep an open mind, ask for opinions, share accountability and be honest – don’t be afraid!

Grow capability

  • Make the best of yourself and others, look for opportunities to grow, share your knowledge and identify your strengths.

Create a performance culture

  • Make more of yourself and others, take accountability for performance, empower others to make decisions and to deliver, set high standards and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Think differently

  • Make the future, be open to change and new ideas, lead innovation, champion best practice, know the market, build networks and encourage big thinking.

Recognise success

  • Make a fuss of progress, engage your people, recognise contributions, catch people doing the right thing, say thank you for a job well done, address issues, value fun and time out.