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Richard - Manager, Customer Value - Direct MFU

Richard - Manager, Customer Value - Direct MFU

  • What made you want to join Endsleigh?
  • I wanted to work for an organisation where I could put some of my ideas around managing a group of customers into practice and drive change. I’d previously worked for multinationals where there is often a significant length of time between initial idea and actual deployment and I was keen to work for an organisation which was large enough to have the resource to get things done but nimble enough to implement quickly.
  • What makes you happiest in your job?
  • Learning. I’ve increasingly realised over the years that I derive a lot of job satisfaction from being placed in new environments where I don’t necessarily know the way forward. If I feel intellectually challenged then I tend to be at my happiest.
  • What makes someone successful at Endsleigh?
  • One of the good things about Endsleigh is there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ template for achieving success. Different people have taken different routes. In general terms though I’d suggest having an enquiring mind is a fundamental. Constantly challenging the status quo whether it be how we do things, the experience we give our customers or how we generate income as a business is a prerequisite. It’s then up to the individual to actually drive the change through and make a difference. Individuals who operate in this manner tend to find their own path to success.
  • How have Endsleigh made you an expert?
  • On joining Endsleigh I was an expert in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) having worked in the field for nearly a decade. Endsleigh has enabled me to take this expertise and apply it in a commercial way. Over the past 12-18 months I’ve become much less of an expert and more of a generalist in that I have begun to understand the fundamentals of how Endsleigh operates as a business and have worked on a range of projects, in a number of different areas, that have sought to improve Endsleigh both commercially and operationally.
  • How does your role make a difference at Endsleigh?
  • A significant proportion of our income as a business is derived from the products my team manage and the initiatives we undertake with our existing customer base. If performance deteriorates in my area then it has a downstream impact on the amount of income we can reinvest elsewhere. I also manage Endsleigh’s TPA (Third Party Administrator) relationship with Zurich. In effect this means that Endsleigh provide the IT and Operational capability for Zurich’s presence in the direct insurance market. Zurich is not only a much larger organisation but is also our parent company.

    Managing this relationship to the benefit of both parties requires the maintenance of a ‘healthy tension’. 
  • What would you tell a candidate to make them consider joining Endsleigh?
  • Being successful in a career is about taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you. Opportunities tend to arise off the back of two things. Firstly how you perform as an individual – the more proactive and committed you can be the more you’ll find opportunity coming your way. Secondly it is important to work for an organisation that has a diverse business model which affords you the opportunity to work on a range of challenges. Endsleigh amply fits this description.